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R e l l a C a k e


quality, confidence 

best ingredients

We all have special days in our lives.


The day we were born, the days our loved ones were born, the day we got married, the day we made a fresh start... We would like to live the happiness of such days and share our joys with our loved ones. On those special days when we feel happiness in the deepest of us, delicious and colorful cakes sweeten our joy.

RELLA CAKE; accompanies your celebrations, happiness and excitement with its various cakes it has produced for years, from chocolate cake to fruit cake, hazelnut to pistachio, cheese to coffee.


We use the best quality raw materials from our best suppliers for our flavors that make a difference with their taste and visuality. We never turn our backs on craftsmanship and we create wonders in our cakes with the touch of our expert chefs.


We preserve the freshness and flavor of the product with the frozen natural storage method without using chemical preservatives. In our production facility equipped with advanced technology, we produce at high standards, accompanied by constant inspection and hygienic controls.

RELLA CAKE expertly blends and freezes the best quality ingredients in the most hygienic environment, offering you the opportunity to consume fresh whenever you want.


RELLA CAKE works for your happiness.

While you celebrate, let us sweeten...



frozen is always fresh


Production Process of Frozen Food


Preliminary preparation process completed products are frozen at -40°C with the Quick Frozen method, and the core temperature is -18°C and are packaged without losing its nutritional value. The packaged products are taken to cold storage at -18°C in order not to break the cold chain, and are preserved in cold storage until they are shipped.


our perception of sustainability

We care about contributing to the continuity of human and nature harmony by trying to reduce our carbon footprint for a sustainable environment.


As Rella Cake, we continue our activities with the awareness that the level of welfare, quality of life, employment and the continuity of the ecosystem are our common responsibility.


 We continuously improve our production technologies with energy and resource efficiency and produce innovative solutions. With our respectful and responsible approach to the environment and social life, we offer healthier and more environmentally friendly products to future generations; and we believe that the culture of “sustainability” passes through our daily habits.


Our Sustainability Strategy

  • Having a sustainable value chain,

  • Environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources,

  • Continuous social development that will meet the needs of all stakeholders,

  • Ensuring occupational health and safety in all our processes,

  • Innovation

With our ‘Sustainable Society, Sustainable Environment’ philosophy and the strategies we have developed, we believe that Sustainability will be our guide in the future as it is today.

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